17 billion records exposed, Hot Topic attacks, Treasury warning in place

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  • 17 billion personal records exposed in data breaches in 2023.
  • U.S. Treasury warns financial sector about AI cybersecurity threats.

17 billion personal records were exposed in data breaches in 2023 according to Flashpoint’s 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report. Ransomware attacks were a major reason for the surge in data breaches. The U.S. Treasury warned the financial sector about AI cybersecurity threats, mentioning vulnerability discovery and disinformation as potential risks. Hot Topic retail chain experienced credential stuffing attacks, exposing customers’ data, and an updated ZenHammer attack now bypasses RowHammer defenses on AMD CPUs. The article also highlights a malware campaign targeting Python repositories, a data breach at Harvard Pilgrim health network, Cisco’s patching of IOS bugs, and over 800K records from a UK school tracking software provider exposed in a breach.

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