2024 Security: Shielding Your Communications Kingdom with Five Mighty Heroes

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TLDR: Businesses in 2024 will continue to face persistent attacks on their IT infrastructure. Cisco shows that crypto mining, phishing, ransomware, trojans, and command and control were the leading attack types in 2023. To defend against these attacks, businesses can turn to five key technological heroes: an educated human firewall, unified device management, advanced identity and authentication management, a perimeter-less network, and advanced endpoint protection. These solutions have matured and now offer cloud-based options and AI-powered data analytics capabilities for improved protection, detection, and response. While these tools do not replace good cybersecurity management practices, they can provide a fighting chance against cyber threats. Transforming the knowledge and tools used within the business will be crucial in managing cyber risks. The five technological heroes use human and artificial intelligence to defend against attacks, with features such as security policies, awareness training, and testing; policy-driven onboarding, offboarding, and management of devices; AI-powered zero trust enforcement; real-time security detection and protection; and AI-powered extended detection and response. By implementing these solutions, businesses can bolster their cybersecurity efforts and better protect their communications kingdom.

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