Abstract Security: Elevating Next-Gen SIEM with AI Technology

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  • Abstract Security emerges with a platform to centralize security analytics and speed up threat detection.
  • The startup uses AI-powered data-streaming to separate security analytics from compliance data.

Abstract Security has introduced a new platform designed to streamline security analytics, threat detection, and alert triage for security analysts. The company, which secured $8.5 million in seed funding, aims to revolutionize the security information and event management (SIEM) market by addressing the scalability and speed issues faced by traditional SIEM technology.

By utilizing AI-powered data-streaming, Abstract Security is able to detect correlations between data streams using machine learning, providing analysts with actionable alerts at a faster rate and lower cost. This approach helps avoid latency, decreases time to detection, and reduces mean time to response.

One of the key aspects of Abstract Security’s platform is its ability to separate security-relevant data from compliance data, which enhances detection effectiveness while reducing computing and storage costs. This approach also helps organizations meet their compliance requirements without unnecessary data collection.

The company’s beta customers span various industries, including insurance, healthcare, financial services, and B2B tech companies, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of Abstract Security’s platform in different sectors.

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