Acronis XDR boosts MSP security with expanded endpoint capabilities

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Acronis has launched a new Extended Detection and Response (XDR) security tool for MSPs on its Cyber Protect Cloud platform. This tool automatically locks accounts and generates incident summaries. XDR aims to automate security responses and improve threat detection capabilities.

Acronis’ XDR tool expands endpoint security capabilities for MSPs, automating account locking and incident summaries. The tool adds to the existing EDR platform and provides a single console for monitoring data sources and threat alerts. These security enhancements align with the trend of backup vendors expanding into cybersecurity roles.

The new XDR capability aims to tackle evolving threats such as ransomware and attacks using generative AI. By automating security processes, the service helps eliminate alert fatigue and provides real-time monitoring for early threat containment. Acronis hopes to meet the demand for a more holistic approach to cybersecurity among customers through XDR. MSPs may find the tool valuable in cutting costs and providing focused security features.

Kicking off with the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, XDR is available now and aims to cater to the evolving security needs of MSPs and their customers. As ransomware continues to pose a significant threat, tools like XDR can help mitigate security concerns and address the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks.

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