Adapt now to combat rising cyber threats

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– Significant increases in cybersecurity threats observed in the past year, with data breaches and ransomware attacks on the rise.

– Organizations urged to adapt to threats by enhancing data actionability and leveraging AI technologies.

Escalating cyber threats require immediate adaptation as reported by SiliconAngle. The past year has seen a significant increase in cybersecurity threats, with more than 17 billion records compromised in data breaches and a 34.5% increase in intrusions compared to 2022. Ransomware attacks have also surged, with volumes increasing by 84% between 2022 and 2023, with LockBit ransomware operation being a major player in these attacks.

Recent statistics show that the number of stolen data and public ransomware attacks in the first two months of this year have increased by 429% and 23% respectively compared to the same period in 2023. This rise in cyber threats highlights the need for organizations to adapt quickly by strengthening data actionability and utilizing artificial intelligence technologies.

Researchers emphasize that combining human expertise with technology will make it harder for adversaries to succeed. This underscores the importance of staying updated on cybersecurity threats and investing in proactive measures to protect valuable data and assets.

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