AI: A Cyber Criminal’s Best Partner in Crime

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  • AI is now being used by cyber criminals to enhance their attacks.
  • Microsoft’s report revealed how state-backed hackers from Russia, China, and Iran are using AI tools to improve their cyber tactics.

In a recent article published on Security Boulevard, it was highlighted how AI has become a major accomplice for cyber crimes. The article discusses how foreign hackers and cyber criminals are utilizing AI tools to enhance their attacks. According to a report by Microsoft, hackers from Russia, China, and Iran have been leveraging tools from OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, to improve their cyber operations.

The article points out that hackers from Russia have used AI models to research military technologies, while hackers from North Korea have utilized AI to create content for phishing campaigns. Iranian hackers have been using AI to craft more effective emails to lure targets into visiting malicious websites. Even Chinese state-backed hackers have been experimenting with large language models to gather intelligence on rival agencies, cybersecurity issues, and important individuals.

It is also mentioned in the article how AI is increasingly being used to hack passwords more efficiently and to enhance social engineering attacks through email and social media. The article stresses the importance of AI in both perpetrating and preventing cyber crimes. While AI tools are making it easier for cyber criminals to deceive individuals and organizations, AI is also playing a crucial role in detecting and protecting against these threats.

Overall, the article underscores the growing trend of AI being utilized in cyber crimes and the importance of organizations staying vigilant and leveraging AI-based security measures to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

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