AI aids US intel, tracking hackers aiming for vital systems

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  • U.S. intelligence authorities are using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and track hackers targeting critical infrastructure.
  • AI helps in identifying signs of hackers using AI themselves in their attacks.

At a conference, cybersecurity leaders discussed the increasing use of AI by hackers and law enforcement. Rob Joyce, cybersecurity director at the National Security Agency, stated that machine learning and AI are assisting investigators in tracking digital incursions that would otherwise be difficult to detect. He specifically mentioned the use of AI in tracking Chinese hackers attempting to infiltrate U.S. ports and pipelines.

This article highlights the importance of AI in cybersecurity and its role in helping intelligence agencies protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats. By using AI, investigators are able to identify and track hackers in a more efficient and effective manner. The ability to detect signs of hackers using AI themselves is particularly crucial in staying one step ahead and mitigating potential damage.

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