AI boosts fast reaction to cyber threats

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  • AI plays a crucial role in enhancing early warning capabilities and rapid response to cyber threats.
  • NGN hosted a seminar titled “Cybersecurity in the Era of AI” that focused on the impact of AI on cybersecurity.

Alaa AlBahrani, a Cyber Security Expert, emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in detecting abnormal patterns and responding proactively to potential cyber threats. He highlighted the ability of AI-powered systems to prevent damage before it occurs by analyzing user behavior. The seminar organized by NGN brought together experts in information security and cybersecurity to discuss the advancements in AI-driven data analysis and cyber protection.

Mr. AlBahrani mentioned that AI applications can effectively identify emerging threats and reduce the consequences of advanced hacking techniques. The integration of AI and cybersecurity can also boost the productivity of human capital within organizations by allowing IT staff to focus on reviewing threats diagnosed by AI applications. This, in turn, increases productivity and enhances the overall effectiveness of the cybersecurity system.

By leveraging AI technology, companies can mitigate the risks of cyber threats and maintain a secure network infrastructure. The seminar shed light on the potential of AI in revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape and enabling organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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