American Technology Services snags Cyber Defense International in major acquisition deal

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Key Points:

  • American Technology Services (ATS) has acquired Cyber Defense International (CDI) to enhance cybersecurity capabilities.
  • The merger promises to provide elevated security for clients facing evolving cyber threats.

American Technology Services (ATS) has made a strategic move by acquiring Cyber Defense International (CDI) to bolster its cybersecurity offerings. The merger, announced on March 4, 2024, signifies a significant step forward in ATS’s mission to provide secure IT solutions. The integration of CDI’s expertise into ATS’s operations is expected to enhance the cybersecurity landscape for clients.

ATS’s acquisition of CDI goes beyond just merging two companies; it is a fusion of expertise and capabilities. The President of ATS, Andy Wayne, sees this move as a commitment to protect businesses against ever-evolving cyber threats. With the establishment of the new ATS Security Operations Center (SOC) Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, equipped with CDI’s experience in combating cyber incidents, businesses can expect a fortified cyber defense.

Benefits for clients and the market are evident in this acquisition. CDI’s specialized knowledge in cyber threat intelligence, incident response, and vulnerability management will complement ATS’s managed IT services, promising a higher level of protection for clients. The merger not only enriches ATS’s cybersecurity capabilities but also extends ATS’s resources and IT services to CDI’s clients, marking a significant advancement in combating cyber threats.

Moving forward, the merger of ATS and CDI presents a pivotal moment in the cybersecurity industry. By combining comprehensive managed IT services with cutting-edge cybersecurity operations, the partnership aims to set new standards in cyber defense. The enhanced capabilities of the new ATS Security Operations Center in Atlanta are expected to offer unmatched security and support, positioning clients ahead of potential cyber threats.

Overall, the strategic acquisition reflects a commitment to cybersecurity excellence and a shared vision of creating a safer digital environment. As cyber threats evolve, the unified efforts of ATS and CDI are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of cybersecurity.

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