Apple now offers PQ3 encryption for iMessage security

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Apple Adds PQ3 Post-Quantum Encryption for iMessage


Apple has introduced a new PQ3 post-quantum cryptographic protocol for iMessage, providing Level 3 security. This protocol mitigates the risk of quantum computer attacks and offers advanced protection against threats. The protocol rebuilds the iMessage cryptographic system, adding padding, encryption, and authentication to enhance end-to-end encryption.

Article Summary:

Apple has released its new PQ3 (post-quantum) cryptographic protocol for iMessage, claiming it to be the first messaging protocol with Level 3 security. The protocol aims to protect against quantum computer attacks and enhance the security of iMessage conversations.

The new PQ3 protocol introduces a post-quantum encryption key in the public keys generated by each device for iMessage registration. This new security feature is available in iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, and watchOS 10.4.

Traditional messaging platforms have been using classic public key cryptography, but Apple’s PQ3 protocol takes it a step further by offering Level 3 security with ongoing message exchange protection. The protocol combines post-quantum algorithms with current elliptic curve algorithms for secure communication.

Designing of PQ3 involves rebuilding the iMessage cryptographic protocol from scratch to provide robust end-to-end encryption. The protocol includes padding, encryption with AES-CTR, and authentication using ECDSA for enhanced security.

Overall, Apple’s introduction of the PQ3 post-quantum encryption protocol for iMessage signifies a significant advancement in messaging security, offering advanced protection against quantum computer threats and ensuring secure communication for users.

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