Automating Defense-in-Depth: Perfection for Your Strategy

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The Defense-in-Depth strategy, which uses multiple layers of security controls to protect against cyber threats, can be enhanced with automation tools like Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS). This article explains that while the Defense-in-Depth strategy is widely adopted, security breaches are still common due to a false sense of security. Automation tools like BAS can help organizations test and improve their security controls in each layer, proactively identifying and mitigating potential security gaps. BAS is integrated with the Defense-in-Depth strategy and can assess security controls across the network, host, application, and data layers. The article also highlights the importance of automating the cyber threat intelligence process using deep learning models, as well as simulating attacks in each layer of defense. By continuously validating the Defense-in-Depth strategy with BAS, organizations can ensure their security controls are resilient against real-life cyber threats.

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