Azerbaijan’s SSS and CISCO meeting crucial for enhancing cyber security cooperation

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  • A meeting was held between Azerbaijan’s SSS and CISCO company to expand cooperation in cyber security.
  • This meeting is of great importance as it will create new opportunities for Azerbaijan in the field of cyber security.

In a recent meeting between the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan and CISCO company, key discussions were held to expand cooperation in the field of cyber security. The meeting took place during an international exhibition of next-generation technologies and cybersecurity in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The successful history of cooperation between Azerbaijan and CISCO, one of the leading companies in high technologies, was highlighted, showcasing the potential for future collaboration.

President Ilham Aliyev has previously acknowledged the significance of CISCO as an important partner for Azerbaijan, focusing on the mutual benefits of their cooperation. Discussions during previous meetings have emphasized the application of CISCO technologies in various sectors in Azerbaijan, including water resource management, education, and cyber security.

The recent meeting between SSS delegation and CISCO’s senior executives is seen as a significant step towards enhancing cyber security measures in Azerbaijan. With a growing focus on digital technologies and infrastructure development, Azerbaijan is keen on strengthening its capabilities in the cybersecurity realm. The meeting reaffirms the commitment of CISCO to continue its innovative projects in Azerbaijan and expand its operations in the region.

Overall, the meeting between Azerbaijan’s SSS and CISCO company marks a crucial milestone in the advancement of cyber security measures in the country, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in addressing digital threats and ensuring a secure digital environment.

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