Big vet service reports cyber incident

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  • Cyber incident at veterinary services giant CVS Group
  • Systems pulled offline, data potentially at risk

The UK-based veterinary services company CVS Group reported a cyber incident that may have jeopardized data and clinical care at some of its practices. The company’s incident response plan was activated, resulting in the temporary shutdown of IT systems. This disruption has caused operational issues, prompting CVS to engage external security experts to assess the extent of the damage. The Information Commissioner’s Office was also informed due to the risk of personal information being accessed maliciously. Although UK operations have been affected, clinical care in most practices remains at high levels, while operations outside the UK remain unaffected. As a result of the incident, CVS is expediting its cloud migration strategy to enhance security and efficiency. While the company’s share price initially dropped following the news, updates on data integrity and IT recovery are expected in the future.

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