Boost security at Billings businesses to combat cyber attacks surge

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  • Billings Tech Guys encourage businesses to increase security amidst rise in cyber attacks.
  • Recent outage at Change Healthcare highlights the importance of cyber security.

In a recent article, the Billings Tech Guys are urging businesses to take steps to enhance their security measures in light of the increasing frequency of cyber attacks. The recent nationwide outage at Change Healthcare, a tech company connecting pharmacies and insurance companies, serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by businesses.

Founder Dylan Solberg noted that cyber attacks have been on the rise in the past three months, emphasizing the necessity for businesses to prioritize security. The Billings Tech Guys’ software functions similarly to fraud detection services, immediately detecting unauthorized access attempts and blocking them.

The outage experienced by insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield underscores the repercussions of cyber attacks, with customers being prompted to pay for prescriptions out of pocket. The Billings Tech Guys stress the importance of small businesses being proactive in safeguarding their data and networks to avoid falling victim to attacks.

Solberg and Manager Tanner Irigoin emphasize the need for businesses to educate themselves on the risks and take necessary precautions to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks. By staying informed and implementing security measures, businesses can better protect themselves from potential breaches and data loss.

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