Boost security with LLMs: risks and benefits of hallucination control

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– Large Language Models (LLMs) can make security operations teams smarter by providing in-line suggestions and guidance.

– LLMs can automate tasks, enhance analysis, and continuously learn and tune.

Article Summary

Large Language Models (LLMs) are being used by security teams to streamline workflows, reduce manual toil, and enhance capabilities. These powerful AI systems can automate tasks, process massive amounts of security data, and learn and tune on the fly. However, deploying LLMs in cybersecurity comes with risks such as prompt injection, data poisoning, and hallucinations. LLMs can generate factually incorrect or malicious responses, making cybersecurity use cases challenging. As AI systems become more capable, the deployment of LLMs in cybersecurity operations is expanding rapidly. CISOs and their teams must carefully consider the risks and benefits of using LLMs to ensure effective security processes and governance.

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