Boost trust in business with these 4 steps for CISOs

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  • Highly trusted organizations have greater growth potential.
  • CISOs must align their tech investments with those of CIOs to build trust.

A clear trend is emerging in today’s volatile business environment: Highly trusted organizations have greater growth potential. This trust is built by CISOs aligning their tech investments with those of CIOs. Customers value trust and are more likely to make repeat purchases, prefer the company to competitors, try other products and services, and share their personal information with a trusted company. On the other hand, a data breach can lead to loss of customer trust and revenue potential.

CISOs play a critical role in building trust and must work closely with the CIO and the technology team. To achieve this cross-functional alignment and fuel business growth, CISOs can take four key steps:

  1. Implementing zero trust principles to stabilize, operate, and protect the business.
  2. Leveling up security programs to support new products and platforms.
  3. Automating and scaling security to streamline processes and optimize business outcomes.
  4. Adopting emerging tech securely to drive business goals.

By taking these steps, CISOs can ensure that security aligns with the business strategy, improves customer trust, and drives growth. It is crucial for CISOs to understand IT’s alignment with the business strategy and adapt their security initiatives accordingly to enhance trust within the organization.

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