Boost your brand by adopting CISA’s secure code guidelines

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Key Points:

  • Governments are cracking down on vulnerable software and devices by encouraging secure coding practices.
  • CISA’s Secure-By-Design guidelines challenge software makers to take responsibility for producing secure products.

Spurred by cyberattacks and breaches, governments worldwide are pushing for more secure software. CISA’s new guidelines urge software makers to prioritize secure coding practices. While currently voluntary, there is a growing need for companies to shift towards secure coding to protect consumers and their data. This presents an opportunity for companies to not only enhance their brand by differentiating themselves from competitors but also to improve their coding practices for future mandatory regulations.

By embracing and advocating for secure coding practices, companies can align themselves with customer concerns over vulnerable software. This not only benefits users by offering more secure products but also allows companies to build trust and credibility with their customer base. Ultimately, the shift towards producing secure software can lead to a more positive cybersecurity landscape for all stakeholders involved.

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