Bucks County suspects ‘Akira’ linked to 911 dispatch cyber issue

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  • Officials in Bucks County, Pennsylvania believe that the cyber incident affecting their 911 dispatch system is the result of a ransomware attack by a group called “Akira.”
  • The county’s computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) has been hit with the cyberattack, forcing dispatchers to use pen and paper to record information from callers.

Investigations are ongoing into a cybersecurity incident that has impacted the 911 dispatch system in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. County officials suspect that the “Akira” ransomware group is behind the attack. While phone and radio systems are still operational, dispatchers are resorting to using pen and paper to document information from callers since the county’s computer-aided dispatch system has been compromised.

While progress is being made to restore the system, the county is still able to receive 911 calls and dispatch first responders in a timely manner. A cybersecurity expert, Justin Drabouski, stated that organizations typically have specific policies and procedures in place to handle incidents like this. The county will likely be focused on determining any potential data exposure, especially since the 911 system records sensitive and private information of callers and law enforcement agencies.

The county is working closely with third-party experts to thoroughly investigate the incident and ensure the security of their systems. It remains to be seen how long it will take to fully restore the computer-aided dispatch system and mitigate any potential risks.

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