CISA fights cyber threats during election season with dedication and skill

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Key Points:

  • CISA is working to fight cyber threats during election primary season.
  • Threats include compromised voting machines, deepfake videos, and physical harm to workers.

In response to potential threats to election security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has set up an Election Operations Center to coordinate threat responses during primary elections. Although no credible threats were detected so far, CISA has been actively supporting state and local officials with cybersecurity resources, guidelines, and specialist hires. The agency’s Protect2024 website provides practical advice for improving information security posture in preparation for the upcoming elections. Additionally, new threats such as deepfake videos and psychological influence campaigns are challenging election security efforts.

To combat these evolving threats, CISA and its partners are focusing on securing electronic voting machines, addressing disinformation through initiatives like the Rumor vs. Reality website, and ensuring the physical safety of election workers. Private firms and state legislatures are also stepping in to enhance election security efforts. Despite these proactive measures, the complexity and sophistication of election threats continue to pose challenges, highlighting the ongoing need for vigilant security measures in protecting democratic processes.

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