CISA’s list of critical software products coming by September

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  • CISA plans to issue a list of critical software products for federal agency security by the end of September
  • The software will meet 11 criteria and help agencies identify potential vulnerabilities

In response to a Government Accountability Office report, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) aims to provide federal agencies with a list of critical software products by September 30. These software products, known as “EO-critical software,” meet 11 criteria defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and play a crucial role in managing privileges, network protections, and operational technology. The list, which will contain example products, is a top recommendation in the GAO report focused on implementing a major 2021 cybersecurity executive order.

CISA’s push for a “secure by design” approach in software procurement processes highlights the importance of building cyber-security features into products from the beginning. With federal agencies being frequent targets of cyberattacks, this list of critical software products is expected to help agencies identify and address potential vulnerabilities in the products they rely on. The Biden administration’s focus on federal cybersecurity has increased, especially following recent high-profile cyberattacks. To further bolster cybersecurity, a Senate bill has been introduced to establish new standards for online collaboration tools acquired by the federal government.

In conclusion, the upcoming list of critical software products from CISA is a crucial step towards enhancing federal agency cybersecurity and addressing potential vulnerabilities in software products. By meeting established criteria and playing key roles in managing privileges and protecting networks, these software products will help strengthen the overall cyber posture of federal agencies and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

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