Claroty secures $100M for cyber-physical system protection

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Summary of Cyber-physical systems security firm Claroty’s $100 Mn funding


Key points:

  • Claroty raises $100 million in strategic growth financing.
  • Funds will be used to scale platform approach to cyber-physical systems protection across key verticals and expand globally.

Claroty, a cyber-physical systems protection company, has announced securing $100 million in funding. The investment will allow Claroty to expand and scale its platform approach to cyber-physical systems (CPS) protection across various industries, including the public sector and critical infrastructure industries. Key investors in this funding round include Delta-v Capital, AB Private Credit Investors at AllianceBernstein, and others, further solidifying Claroty’s position in the critical infrastructure cybersecurity market.

CEO Yaniv Vardi highlighted the importance of this investment in navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape for critical infrastructure. The funding will support research and development for core technologies, secure remote access, and strategic partnerships. The company aims to ensure the safe connection between cyber and physical worlds to drive progress and productivity effectively.

Dan Williams, Partner at Delta-v Capital, emphasized Claroty’s unique ability to address critical security needs for infrastructure organizations. By focusing on CPS protection, Claroty aligns with the market’s future direction. The investment will support the company’s growth and mission to enhance cybersecurity in the digital and physical realms.

Overall, the funding will enable Claroty to strengthen its position in the CPS security market, expand globally, and address the increasing convergence between digital and physical threats in critical infrastructures.

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