‘Convo Overflow’ Cyberattacks Sneak Past AI to Target Execs

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Credential-stealing emails are bypassing AI security controls by cloaking malicious payloads within seemingly benign emails in a new cyberattack method called “Conversation Overflow.” Attackers target executives to facilitate credential theft, exploiting weaknesses in AI/ML algorithms.

In a recent analysis, SlashNext threat researchers identified a new cyberattack method named ‘Conversation Overflow,’ which aims to bypass AI- and machine learning-enabled security platforms to deliver credential-stealing phishing emails. These emails deceive AI/ML algorithms by cloaking malicious payloads within seemingly benign content, allowing attackers to reach users’ inboxes undetected. The goal is to trick systems into categorizing the entire email and any subsequent replies as safe.

Stephen Kowski, field CTO for SlashNext, explains that this attack method targets upper management and executives, posing a significant threat to enterprise networks. He emphasizes the need for constant vigilance and active evaluations by security teams to uncover and mitigate unknown threats in their environments. Kowski advises investments in cybersecurity solutions leveraging ML and AI to combat evolving AI-powered threats as attackers continue to innovate and shift their tactics.

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