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TLDR: This article is a curated list of the top 10 leadership and management links of the week, with a focus on cyber security. The topics covered include integrating SecOps with risk management, protecting critical infrastructure, AI cyber threats, generative AI in cyber insurance, designing an IT department for change, and overcoming ‘AI-washing’ when vetting vendors.

The first highlighted article discusses the importance of a unified approach between SecOps, risk management, and strategy in fortifying security technology. It emphasizes the need for collaboration and integration to effectively manage cyber risks.

The next article emphasizes the need for critical infrastructure organizations to go back to basics in protecting their systems. It acknowledges the changing technology and cybersecurity landscapes and suggests that organizations should reevaluate their security measures accordingly.

The article on NIST’s new guide on AI cyber threats provides four key takeaways, including an overview of adversarial machine learning terms, types, and mitigations. This guide can be a valuable resource for understanding and combating AI-related cyber threats.

The next piece explores how generative AI is changing the nature of cyber insurance. It highlights the potential of GenAI in analyzing cyber risks and streamlining processes, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber insurance.

In the article on designing an IT department for a world defined by change, the author discusses the importance of flexible and adaptable structures. The best organizations in the 21st century are those that can effectively navigate and respond to changes in the digital landscape.

The final article focuses on CIOs vetting vendors and avoiding ‘AI-washing.’ It offers insights on how CIOs can distinguish genuine AI capabilities from inflated marketing claims, ensuring that they make informed decisions when choosing vendors.

This curated list provides a diverse range of topics related to cyber security and leadership. It highlights the importance of collaboration, adapting to change, and staying informed about emerging technologies to effectively manage cyber risks.

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