Cyber Sunday tackles the cybersecurity skills gap head-on

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  • There is a significant cybersecurity skills gap globally and in North America.
  • Employers should focus on training existing staff, sparking curiosity in IT and cybersecurity early, and diversifying the talent pool.

“Skills gaps” in IT/cybersecurity are a major concern, with the global cybersecurity workforce gap estimated to be almost 4 million people, and the North American gap at over 500,000. The article emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity skills in today’s technology-driven world and the impact of not having enough skilled professionals available. The article also highlights the negative effects of employee burnout due to additional responsibilities from understaffing and the importance of training employees to keep up with the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Encouraging diversity in the IT and cybersecurity talent pool, early education in computer and security concepts, and ongoing training for employees are recommended solutions to address the skills gap issue. Employers should prioritize investing in training and development to ensure their staff’s skills remain relevant and to attract a more diverse workforce. Overall, the article underscores the need for proactive measures to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap and protect businesses from potential threats in the future.

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