Cybercriminals see small businesses as vulnerable to attacks

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  • Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are easy targets for cyberattacks due to inadequate cybersecurity measures.
  • CEO and founder of Cyber Upgrade, Aurimas Bakas, emphasizes the importance of basic security measures to protect against cyber threats.

Despite the rise in cybersecurity threats, many SMBs lack basic security measures, making them easy targets for cyberattacks. Cyber Upgrade, an AI security company, highlights that hackers target smaller businesses due to their inadequate cybersecurity safeguards. CEO and founder Aurimas Bakas emphasizes the importance of protecting the digital perimeter of companies, as cyberattacks can result in significant financial losses. Many smaller organizations underestimate the risks associated with cyber threats and may believe false narratives such as being too small to be hacked.

Attacks on SMBs often rely on exploiting human errors or weaknesses in foundational cybersecurity measures, such as phishing emails and social engineering attacks. Lack of resources prevents smaller companies from hiring experts to implement necessary cybersecurity measures. However, automated solutions can help minimize the risks companies face in the digital space. Cyber Upgrade has created a gamified bot to interact with employees and ensure basic security measures are implemented, helping to address human-related factors in cybersecurity issues on a daily basis.

Overall, SMBs need to prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect their businesses from cyber threats and prevent potential financial losses. With the right security measures in place, smaller businesses can better defend against cyberattacks and safeguard their operations.

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