Darktrace debuts ActiveAI Security Platform for stronger cyber defense

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Darktrace has launched the ActiveAI Security Platform to improve cyber resilience by using artificial intelligence to detect and respond to threats. The platform aims to eliminate alert fatigue, automate investigations, and enhance network visibility. It also offers customizable features to meet specific business needs.

In an effort to enhance cyber resilience, Darktrace has introduced the ActiveAI Security Platform, a security platform that aims to eliminate alert fatigue and illuminate security gaps. The platform is designed to help security teams improve their cyber resilience by using artificial intelligence to transform security operations from reactive to proactive. Key elements of the platform include:

  • Transforming security operations from reactive to proactive using AI
  • Visualizing, correlating, and investigating security incidents across various environments
  • Automating the investigation of alerts to reduce manual triage
  • Providing explainable, automated, and customizable investigations for security alerts
  • Enhancing network visibility and preempting threats

The platform is built on Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI engine, which adapts to each business’s unique operations in real-time. It can detect known and novel threats and provide an autonomous response to shut down active threats without disrupting business operations. Additionally, the platform incorporates features such as Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst for more explainable investigations and tailored capabilities to meet specific business requirements.

Darktrace’s ActiveAI Security Platform also integrates with third-party network solutions to access decrypted traffic feeds and decryption keys, offering native decryption for applications on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platforms. The platform also includes new features in Darktrace/Email, the company’s email protection service, which offers AI enhancements to detect abnormal user behavior and changes in content for improved protection against data loss.

Overall, the ActiveAI Security Platform aims to uplift security teams by reducing alert fatigue, automating investigations, and providing insights to strengthen defenses and refine incident response strategies.

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