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  • Recurring security assessments can help MSPs prove the value of advanced security services.
  • Third-party assessments like penetration testing can elevate MSP programs and lead to bigger growth opportunities.

Recurring security assessments can play a crucial role in elevating MSP programs and proving the value of advanced security services, according to Bruce McCully, CEO of Galactic Advisors. By offering third-party assessments like penetration testing on a regular basis, MSPs can showcase the need for additional security services to their clients. This not only helps in demonstrating the risks involved in today’s threat environment but also provides a reason for more frequent advisory conversations with clients.

Matt Disher, president and CEO of Southwest Networks, also emphasized the importance of recurring assessments, mentioning that cyber insurance questionnaires now often ask about penetration testing. Changes in an organization’s IT environment necessitate regular assessments to identify new vulnerabilities, making them highly valuable for MSPs and their clients.

Moreover, beyond assessments, McCully highlighted the potential for MSPs to offer vCSO services, noting the strong demand for CSOs and the shortage of professionals in the field. While meeting the requirements for such services may seem daunting, the opportunity is significant for MSPs who already lead and manage effective security or compliance programs.

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