EUV chip supplier hacked for $10 million, dismissed as ‘IT incident’

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Key Points:

  • Hoya Corporation was hacked and faced demands for $10 million to unlock encrypted files.
  • The ransomware group, Hunters International, stole 1.7 million files from Hoya, including trade secrets related to semiconductor manufacturing.

Article Summary:

Japanese optical technology leader, Hoya Corporation, recently experienced what it referred to as an “IT system incident” affecting its headquarters and business divisions. However, reports suggest it was a ransomware attack orchestrated by Hunters International, demanding $10 million for a file decryption. The cyberattack targeted Hoya’s valuable trade secrets in the semiconductor industry, posing a potential threat to its competitive advantage.

Hunters International, believed to be an offshoot of the dismantled ransomware group, Hive, stole 1.7 million files (equivalent to 2TB of data) from Hoya’s servers. The group demanded a ransom and promised not to release the stolen data. Despite denying affiliation with Hive, Hunters International claimed a non-negotiation policy for the data haul.

While neither Hoya nor the ransomware group have confirmed the incident’s true nature, screenshots from LeMagIT suggest the involvement of Hunters International. Hoya’s key IT products, including mask blanks for semiconductor manufacturing and optical glass, could provide competitors or sanctioned countries with a strategic advantage if acquired.

As an important player in the semiconductor industry, Hoya’s data breach raises concerns about the potential leakage of sensitive information to rival nations like China and Russia. The incident highlights the growing cybersecurity threats faced by critical suppliers in the chipmaking sector, emphasizing the need for enhanced security measures and vigilance to protect valuable intellectual property.

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