Experience the ultimate in cyber security and cloud technology at Expo Europe

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Key Points:

  • Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe will take place on October 1-2, 2024, in Amsterdam.
  • The event will feature discussions on CISO success, cloud security, risk management, and more.

A Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe is set to take place on October 1-2, 2024, in Amsterdam, offering industry professionals the opportunity to delve into key topics. With a focus on CISO success, cloud security, risk management, and other pertinent themes, the event aims to elevate knowledge in the cyber and cloud computing realm. Global industry leaders are slated to participate, with 7,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and 250 speakers expected. Noteworthy sessions will cover AI, cybersecurity, and machine learning.

Some of the latest developments in biometrics and cybersecurity include the partnership between Idemia and Singapore for biometrics development in homeland security, as well as the integration of BioWave software from Arana Security with Suprema biometric terminal. In Europe, BIO-key authentication has been deployed to enhance security for retail and government sectors, while the EU’s largest public transport security project with Herta biometrics is reaching its final stage.

Discussions on online age verification are ongoing in Canada, the EU, and India, as efforts continue to protect children online. Login.gov, a single sign-on system for government services, is introducing selfie biometrics for enhanced identity verification. Notably, the Illinois Senate has approved the first major change to the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) since its inception in 2008.

The identity verification industry is grappling with the rise of synthetic IDs, fueled by AI-powered generators like OnlyFake. In the law enforcement sector, biometrics, particularly fingerprints, remain crucial for forensic work, supporting faster police operations and improved outcomes.

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