Explore 2023’s Cybersecurity Year with Altitude Cyber’s Themes and Beyond

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Themes From (And Beyond) Altitude Cyber’s 2023 Cybersecurity Year In Review – Security Boulevard


  • Altitude Cyber released its 2023 Cybersecurity Year In Review report, highlighting key trends in the industry.
  • The report discusses an outlier year, growing trends in M&A, and the consistency of strategic buyers and investors.

Cole Grolmus delves into the key themes of Altitude Cyber’s 2023 Cybersecurity Year In Review report. He explores trends in strategic activity, M&A, and investments in the cybersecurity industry. The article highlights the following key elements:

Outlier Year: 2021

Grolmus discusses the impact of the abnormal year 2021 on the cybersecurity industry and how the industry has evolved since then.

Growing Trends: Private Equity and Gigantic M&A

The article explores the rise of private equity buyers in the cybersecurity industry and the increasing trend of large M&A transactions.

What Hasn’t Changed: Strategic Buyers and Specialist Investors

Grolmus points out the consistent presence of active strategic buyers and investors in the cybersecurity industry, despite fluctuations in overall financing activity.

Industry Optimism

The article concludes by discussing the optimism and excitement surrounding the cybersecurity industry’s future based on the trends revealed in Altitude Cyber’s report.

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