FBI alerts: Russian hackers target routers for cyberattacks

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  • The FBI warns that Russian hackers are using compromised routers to launch cyberattacks in America.
  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouters are vulnerable due to lack of security settings.

The FBI issued a warning stating that Russian state-backed hackers are exploiting ‘compromised’ routers to infiltrate computers in the US. The routers in question are Ubiquiti EdgeRouters, which come with minimal security features, making them susceptible to cyberattacks. The FBI advised users of these routers to reset passwords, perform a factory reset, upgrade firmware, and implement firewall rules to protect their devices. The agency also revealed that a botnet controlled by the Russian GRU targeted government networks through spearphishing attacks. To prevent further cyber threats, network owners are urged to keep their systems updated with the latest patches and follow security best practices.

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