FCC’s new label: IoT security for America’s internet devices

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  • US FCC introduces voluntary cybersecurity labelling program for wireless consumer IoT products
  • Program aims to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions and incentivize manufacturers to meet higher cybersecurity standards

America’s FCC introduces IoT cybersecurity labelling

The US Federal Communications Commission has voted to create a voluntary cybersecurity labelling program for wireless consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products. This program aims to address the growing concerns around the security of IoT devices and provide consumers with valuable information to make informed decisions.

The program will include a new ‘US Cyber Trust Mark’ that qualifying consumer smart products can display to indicate that they meet robust cybersecurity standards. The label will provide consumers with important details about the product’s security, such as the support period, software updates, and more.

The voluntary program will involve public-private collaboration, with third-party administrators managing activities like evaluating product applications, authorizing label use, and conducting compliance testing. This initiative is crucial as studies show a rising number of cyber attacks on IoT devices and an increasing number of connected devices in operation.

The FCC is also seeking public input on additional disclosure requirements, such as the country of origin of software/firmware and data collection practices. Overall, the program aims to enhance consumer trust in IoT products and encourage manufacturers to prioritize cybersecurity in product development.

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