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TCE Exclusive: DENHAM the Jeanmaker Confirms Cyberattack

In an exclusive statement to The Cyber Express team, DENHAM the Jeanmaker, the renowned denim brand founded in Amsterdam in 2008, confirmed falling victim to a cyberattack. The denim giant disclosed that the DENHAM cyberattack was first discovered on December 27, 2023. Subsequently, The Cyber Express (TCE) reported that DENHAM the Jeanmaker had been targeted by the Akira ransomware group. Nevertheless, DENHAM has refrained from either confirming or providing comments regarding the purported involvement of this hacker group in the cyberattack on DENHAM.

According to a spokesperson responding to The Cyber Express query, the cyberattack on DENHAM did not materially impact the brand’s services in stores and online. The company swiftly responded to the threat, engaging a specialized cybersecurity firm immediately after the discovery. “Our incident response team conducted a digital forensic investigation into the incident,” the spokesperson told to TCE. “We have determined that the threat actor had access to some data on the affected systems. Importantly, this does not include the personal data of consumers who have visited our webshop. However, we are in proactive communication with relevant parties and have notified the Dutch Data Protection Authority as a precautionary measure.” DENHAM reassures customers, business partners, and employees about its commitment to data confidentiality.

The cyberattack targeted certain limited business data, with no compromise of consumer data. DENHAM ensures ongoing direct communication with affected parties as required. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has been notified as a precautionary step. DENHAM the Jeanmaker remains resolute in its commitment to addressing the cyberattack’s aftermath responsibly, safeguarding customer data, and fortifying its cybersecurity measures for the future.

Despite the severity of the DENHAM cyberattack, officials have chosen not to disclose further details surrounding the circumstances, the threat actor, or other aspects due to ICT security concerns. The denim brand encourages affected parties to reach out for direct communication and support as necessary.

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