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  • The Cyber Security Bill 2024 was tabled in the Malaysian Parliament on March 25, 2024.
  • The Bill aims to provide a regulatory framework for safeguarding Malaysia’s cyber security landscape.

In Malaysia, a new Cyber Security Bill 2024 has been introduced to enhance the country’s cyber security framework. The Bill, which was presented for the first reading in the Malaysian Parliament on March 25, 2024, aims to establish a regulatory framework for the protection of Malaysia’s cyber security landscape. The Bill will require national critical information infrastructure entities to comply with specific measures, standards, and processes to manage cyber security threats and incidents effectively. The key elements of the Bill include:

Applicability and Governing Bodies:

The Cyber Security Bill 2024 will have extra-territorial application, applying to all individuals, regardless of nationality, within and outside Malaysia. The Bill establishes the National Cyber Security Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, to oversee cyber security matters. The Chief Executive of the National Cyber Security Agency will have powers to establish coordination systems and issue directives for compliance.

National Critical Information Infrastructure:

The Bill defines national critical information infrastructure (NCII) as systems essential to Malaysia’s security, defense, economy, and public safety. It designates specific sectors, such as government, finance, and energy, as NCII sectors. Sector leads will be appointed to oversee NCII entities and ensure compliance with cyber security measures.

Cyber Security Service Providers:

The Bill mandates that providers of cyber security services obtain a license. The scope of services and licensing criteria will be determined by the Minister responsible for cyber security. The Bill introduces roles like the Chief Executive and NCII Sector Leads for a more industry-specific focus on cyber security governance.

Overall, the Cyber Security Bill 2024 represents a significant step towards securing Malaysia’s digital future. By implementing measures to protect critical information infrastructure and regulating cyber security service providers, the Bill aims to address the evolving cyber threat landscape effectively. It will be essential to monitor the implementation and impact of the legislation to ensure its success in safeguarding Malaysia’s cyber security.

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