Get ready for Grey Swans AI, Cyber, Pandemics, and ET

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– Grey Swans are events that are unexpected, but can be predicted and prepared for to some extent.
– Four main areas of concern include the threat of malicious artificial intelligence, potential EMP and cyber threats to critical infrastructure and the grid, the spread of pandemics and bioterrorism, and human contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

In 2007, the concept of Black Swans, or unexpected outlier events, was introduced by statistician Nassim Nicholas Taleb. With the advancement of computing and predictive analytics enabled by artificial intelligence, many Black Swan events have now transformed into Grey Swan events. Grey Swans, as defined by Aon, are predicted surprises that are challenging to handle and may have profound effects. They include events such as population increase, climate change, mounting debt, and recent epidemic outbreaks like COVID-19.

When it comes to risk management for Grey Swan events, four key areas to consider are malicious artificial intelligence, EMP and cyber threats to vital infrastructure, pandemics and bioterrorism, and human contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. AI plays a significant role in shaping our future, but concerns about its potential hazards have been raised by prominent figures like Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Cyber threats to critical infrastructure, such as the energy grid, pose serious risks and require immediate attention. The threat of pandemics and bioterrorism, as well as the possibility of human contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, are also factors that need to be considered in risk management strategies.

Overall, while Grey Swan events may be predicted to some extent, they highlight the importance of risk management and preparedness in dealing with potential catastrophic events that could impact societies on a global scale.

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