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  • Gartner unveils cybersecurity predictions for 2024, including the collapse of the skills gap and legal accountability for cyber security leaders
  • Oracle takes a no-hype approach to Generative AI, focusing on practical functionality

In the latest tech news, Gartner revealed top cybersecurity predictions for 2024, highlighting the potential collapse of the skills gap and the increasing legal accountability for cyber security leaders. The adoption of Gen AI is expected to significantly impact entry-level cybersecurity positions, with 30% of cybersecurity functions being managed by non-cyber experts by 2028. On the downside, enterprise spending to combat misinformation is projected to surpass 500 billion dollars, cannibalizing marketing and cybersecurity budgets.

Meanwhile, Oracle is taking a no-hype approach to Generative AI, focusing on practical functionality within enterprise solutions. Their cloud revenue has experienced an increase, indicating potential success with this strategy.

Additionally, there are rumors of Apple collaborating with Google to bring Google’s new Gemini AI to iOS devices. This comes amidst ongoing development of Apple’s generative AI framework and acquisitions in the AI space. The US government may face restrictions on combating online misinformation, as legal challenges could limit their ability to manage disinformation on social media platforms.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Copilot for Office 365 has received mixed reviews, with companies questioning the value of the paid version. Although there have been lukewarm responses, Microsoft is doubling down on its AI strategy, integrating Copilot into Windows 11 builds. Despite initial challenges, Microsoft remains committed to enhancing AI capabilities in its products.

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