Get up to $1M cybersecurity warranty with Fulcrum IT Partners

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  • Fulcrum IT Partners is offering customers a cybersecurity warranty program.
  • Customers can receive up to $1 million refund on services impacted by specific cybersecurity incidents.

Article Summary:

Fulcrum IT Partners, a leading solution provider, has launched a cybersecurity warranty program in partnership with Spectra. Customers can now receive a 100-percent cash refund on services affected by cybersecurity incidents such as ransomware and DDoS attacks, with up to $1 million in coverage. This initiative aims to provide customers with a financial safety net for their cybersecurity investments with Fulcrum IT Partners. The warranty, currently available in the UK under the Tieva managed services brand, will soon be rolled out in the US and Canada. Fulcrum IT Partners is the first MSP to offer this Spectra-backed warranty, demonstrating its commitment to cybersecurity excellence.

President Kyle Lanzinger emphasizes that the warranty is not an insurance policy, but rather a cybersecurity warranty specifically for Fulcrum IT Partners’ services. The insurance companies backing the warranty are betting on Fulcrum’s ability to secure customers and reduce financial risks. This warranty is a groundbreaking move that could lead to more affordable cybersecurity insurance options for customers. By providing insurers with the necessary data through these warranties, Fulcrum hopes to enable customers to obtain better prices on cyber insurance in the future.

Lanzinger stresses that this warranty is a significant step towards bridging the gap between cybersecurity technology and insurance providers. Fulcrum IT Partners aims to eventually facilitate customers’ access to appropriately priced cyber insurance through this initiative. This warranty program represents Fulcrum’s commitment to addressing major customer challenges, such as the lack of affordable cybersecurity insurance options.

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