Google offers free AI cyber tools to enhance cyber security

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  • Google has announced free AI tools to improve online security and fight cybercrime.
  • Magika is an AI-powered tool that can outperform traditional file identification processes.

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has introduced a range of free artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help organizations enhance their online security and combat cybercrime. One of these tools, Magika, is an AI-powered tool that can surpass traditional file identification processes. It is already being used to protect products like Gmail, Safe Browsing, and Drive, and will now be available for free. Magika offers a 30% increase in accuracy and almost 95% more precision in identifying problematic content like JavaScript, VBA, and Powershell. Google will release a whitepaper at the Munich Security Conference detailing their use of AI for cyber safety and their policy plan for advanced AI research. Kent Walker, President for global affairs at Alphabet, emphasized the importance of using AI to combat cyber threats and announced additional investments in research partnerships and grants to enhance cybersecurity research.

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