Healthcare at Risk: New Ransomware Threat Looms Large and Real

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  • Change Healthcare faces a second ransomware threat from RansomHub after paying $22 million to AlphV.
  • RansomHub claims to have 4 terabytes of Change Healthcare’s stolen data and is demanding a ransom.

Change Healthcare is in the midst of a messy ransomware situation where multiple ransomware groups are targeting the company for money. AlphV had previously received a $22 million payment from Change Healthcare, but now RansomHub has come forward claiming to have the stolen data and demanding a ransom payment. RansomHub posted samples of the data, including patient records, to prove their claim.

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For months, Change Healthcare has been dealing with a ransomware debacle that has affected pharmacies and medical practices across the United States. After allegedly paying $22 million to the ransomware group AlphV, a new group called RansomHub has emerged, claiming to have 4 terabytes of Change Healthcare’s stolen data. The group is demanding a ransom, threatening to sell the data if their demand is not met. Samples of the stolen data, including patient records, have been shared as proof of their claim.

Security experts believe that RansomHub’s claims are credible, and if true, it highlights the risks of trusting ransomware groups even after paying a ransom. The incident has caused serious disruptions in medical facilities, with clinicians facing financial struggles and patients experiencing delays in procedures. The American Medical Association has warned that practices may close, leading to patients losing access to their physicians.

While Change Healthcare is working with law enforcement to investigate the situation, RansomHub has stated that they are willing to delete the data if the ransom is paid. However, experts caution that victims of ransomware attacks should not trust cybercriminals to permanently delete their data, as the threat of re-extortion remains high.

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