IBM’s Mike Haynes: Real-time Traffic Visibility is Key for Security

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  • Mike Haynes from IBM emphasizes the importance of real-time traffic visibility for network security.
  • IBM’s solutions provide deep visibility into network traffic to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

In a recent interview with Ariana Lynn, Principal Analyst at The Fast Mode, Mike Haynes discusses the impact of traffic visibility on modern IP networks. Haynes, the Global Network Cloud Solution Sales Leader for Telecoms/M&E at IBM, highlights the importance of traffic filtering technologies that offer real-time, granular application awareness. IBM’s network intelligence and DPI solutions are designed to address the demands of modern networks by providing deep visibility into network traffic, enabling organizations to detect and respond to cyber threats effectively. Without real-time visibility into network traffic, organizations would struggle to detect and respond to security threats or optimize network performance.

Haynes, who has been with IBM for nearly 20 years, emphasizes the critical role of traffic visibility in the suite of solutions and products offered by IBM. He explains that traffic visibility forms the foundation for effective network security and performance management. The interview is part of The Fast Mode’s Traffic Visibility segment, focusing on the importance of network intelligence and DPI for today’s IP networks. A research report on this topic is set to be published in June 2024.

Ariana Lynn, the Principal Analyst and Senior Editor specializing in IP networking, covers operator networks, enterprise and cloud networks, and cutting-edge technologies such as network optimization, network security, and virtualization. The interview with Mike Haynes sheds light on the significance of real-time traffic visibility in enhancing network security and performance in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

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