Israel’s cyber experts combat Iranian threats with GPS jamming technology

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  • Israeli cybersecurity experts have activated GPS jamming across the country as a preemptive measure against potential Iranian threats
  • The jamming aims to disrupt drones and GPS-guided missiles targeted at Israel

Israeli cybersecurity experts have implemented GPS jamming across the country, particularly focusing on the central region, as a preemptive measure against potential retaliatory actions by Iran following tensions in Syria. The jamming, which has been in effect for months in northern Israel, disrupts drones and GPS-guided missiles targeted at Israel. The implementation of GPS jamming began in the Eilat region and the Arava before extending to the Tel Aviv area. This has impacted navigation applications such as Waze, reducing their accuracy. The urgency of the situation prompted the Israeli Air Force to recall reservists, indicating concerns over potential Iranian attacks targeting key symbols of the Israeli state. Former military intelligence officer Jacques Neriah highlighted the possibility of Iranian strikes to prevent Israel from utilizing its air force in retaliatory actions.

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