Josh Hawley – Missouri’s cybersecurity champion

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  • Senator Josh Hawley is prioritizing cybersecurity for Missourians.
  • He co-sponsored the Federal Information Security Modernization Act to strengthen federal cybersecurity measures.

At a time when cybersecurity threats are on the rise in Missouri, Senator Josh Hawley has been a strong advocate for enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect his constituents. Following a significant cyber attack in June, Hawley swiftly co-sponsored the Federal Information Security Modernization Act, which aims to bolster federal cybersecurity protocols by clarifying roles and responsibilities of government agencies, increasing reporting duties during cyber attacks, and updating outdated systems. The urgency for reform is evident as Missouri has experienced multiple cyber security breaches since June, including incidents affecting a school district, hospitals, and the Office of Personnel Management. Congressman James Comer and Mark Green are also advocating for improved cybersecurity practices within the government, emphasizing the need for accountability and public trust. While the transition to increased privatization in cybersecurity may take time, Hawley’s efforts provide reassurance to Missourians that their data is being safeguarded in the current government systems. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Hawley’s commitment to protecting cybersecurity remains essential for the state.


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