Lawmaker urges swift action on cyber attack legislation

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  • Lawmaker calls for speedy passage of cyber attack bills
  • House Bill 8199 co-authored by Rep. Brian Raymund Yamsuan is crucial for the implementation of the National Cyber Security Plan

A lawmaker in the Philippines, Rep. Brian Raymund Yamsuan, has urged the House of Representatives to expedite the approval of bills aimed at safeguarding the country’s digital infrastructure and punishing cyber attackers. Yamsuan emphasized the importance of House Bill 8199, which he co-authored, as it serves as a crucial step in the effective implementation of the National Cyber Security Plan (NCSP) recently adopted by President Marcos through Executive Order 58.

The bill designates the National Computer Emergency Response Team as the centralized reporting mechanism for information security incidents, aiming to establish a unified system for setting minimum security standards, monitoring threats, and mitigating risks. Yamsuan highlighted the need for convergence among government agencies to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and protect the nation from cyber attacks.

Yamsuan also welcomed the prospects of a joint cyber defense framework between the Philippines, the US, and Japan, which is set to be discussed during a trilateral summit. The collaboration aims to strengthen cybersecurity measures and combat cyber threats collectively.

Overall, Yamsuan’s call for the swift passage of cyber attack bills underscores the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity in the face of escalating cyber threats and attacks.

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