Lincoln cybersecurity blocks thousands of suspicious emails daily

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  • The Town of Lincoln’s cybersecurity firewall is blocking as many as 1,000 suspicious emails each day, preventing over 22,000 spam and phishing attempts in the last month.
  • The town is reviewing its cybersecurity system after the City of Hamilton was hit with a cyberattack on Feb. 25.

According to a recent article by Mark Newman, the Town of Lincoln’s cybersecurity system has been successfully blocking a significant number of suspicious emails on a daily basis, with over 22,000 spam and phishing attempts being prevented in the last month alone. Mike Kirkopoulos, Lincoln’s chief administrative officer, highlighted the success of their filters in safeguarding the organization against malicious attempts from around the world.

In response to a cyberattack that disrupted various municipal services in the City of Hamilton on Feb. 25, Lincoln is reevaluating its cybersecurity measures. Additional security measures, such as a two-factor authentication (2FA) process, are being implemented to enhance protection for the town’s computer system.

Kirkopoulos reassured residents that their property tax and other records are safe, emphasizing the town’s commitment to transparency and communication in the event of any security breaches. Approximately 350 town staff members are undergoing regular training on cybersecurity, including tips on identifying phishing or malicious emails.

Filipe Janicas, director of information technology service and innovation in Grimsby, reported that the town has not experienced any cyber breaches but remains vigilant against attempted hacks. West Lincoln is also monitoring its system for potential cyberattacks, with a continual focus on enhancing preventive measures and security posture.

Overall, the recent cyberattacks in neighboring municipalities have underscored the importance of cybersecurity for local government organizations. Awareness, training, and regular monitoring are essential components of safeguarding against cyber threats, as highlighted by the proactive measures taken by Lincoln, Grimsby, and West Lincoln.

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