LockBit ransomware revamps Dark Web leak site for data breaches

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Ransomware Operation LockBit Reestablishes Dark Web Leak Site


LockBit, a Russian-speaking ransomware operation, reestablished its dark web leak site after a takedown by law enforcement agencies. The LockBit leader blames the FBI for the hack, citing a PHP vulnerability. While law enforcement launched Operation Cronos to seize the LockBit website, the identity of the leader remained undisclosed.

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Ransomware operation LockBit, led by a Russian-speaking entity, announced its return to hacking activities by reestablishing a dark web leak site. The leader of LockBit attributed the hack to an FBI exploitation of a PHP vulnerability. Law enforcement agencies attempted to dismantle LockBit through Operation Cronos, which led to the seizure of the website, decryption keys, source code, and cryptocurrency wallets. However, the identity of the LockBit leader remained undisclosed, causing speculation in the criminal underground world…


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