Medical devices unite with blockchain to battle cyberattacks

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Researchers from Emporia State University and the University of Allahabad have developed a blockchain system called HNMBlock for the monitoring of medical devices. The system aims to enhance security in the medical industry and enables swift response to disease outbreaks, patient involvement, and data-informed decision-making. HNMBlock is a server-based blockchain network that combines IoT devices used in the medical industry with secure data storage and retrieval. It can also include token-based patient participation incentives, encrypted file security, and real-time device monitoring.

The researchers highlight that security in the medical field has become a serious concern since the 2017 “WannaCry” cyberattack, which affected thousands of patients and their files in the UK’s National Health Services. They believe that the integration of blockchain technology can strengthen security and patient privacy by employing smart contracts.

According to the researchers, some of the common cyber threats facing healthcare systems include replay attacks, crypto-malware, ransomware, data breaches, and phishing. The use of blockchain technology to secure data and enable smart contracts in the medical industry has been gaining momentum in recent years.

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