Mentorship essential for success in security careers

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Key points:

  • Mentorship is crucial for career development in the security industry.
  • Security leaders emphasize the importance of mentorship in fostering talent.

In a recent article on Security Magazine, various security leaders shared their thoughts on the impact of mentorship on building successful security careers. Michael Dorn, Executive Director of Safe Havens International, highlighted the importance of two-way mentorship, where both mentors and mentees learn from each other. Jennifer Franks, Director of Information Technology and Cybersecurity at U.S. GAO, emphasized the role of mentorship in developing talent in the cybersecurity field. Karen Delgado, Director of Surveillance at Empire City Casino, advised individuals, especially women, to seek out opportunities and learn from leaders and mentors.

Shannon Brewster, Director and General Manager at AT&T Cybersecurity, and Colin Daugherty also shared their experiences with mentorship, stating its instrumental role in their career development. The article concluded by underscoring the importance of mentorship in shaping strong, cohesive, and effective security programs.

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