Microsoft stock soars with new AI cybersecurity tool announcement

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  • Microsoft’s stock hit a record high after launching AI cybersecurity tool, Copilot for Security
  • The tool is trained on large-scale data and threat intelligence and has been shown to make security analysts faster and more accurate

Microsoft’s stock reached a record high after the announcement of its latest AI product, Copilot for Security, which is set to launch worldwide on April 1. This AI cybersecurity tool is the industry’s first generative AI solution for security and IT professionals and is trained on large-scale data and threat intelligence, including over 78 trillion security signals that Microsoft processes daily.

Security analysts reported being 22% faster and 7% more accurate with Copilot for Security, according to an economic study by the company. Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity, and management at Microsoft, highlighted the importance of AI tools in cybersecurity, noting that cyber attackers are increasingly using large language models like ChatGPT to carry out attacks more efficiently.

However, some critics within Microsoft have raised concerns about the company’s AI work being too focused on its partnership with OpenAI, with some employees feeling that the Azure AI platform is primarily serving as tech support for OpenAI rather than an innovation engine. Despite these criticisms, Microsoft’s stock continues to soar following the announcement of its AI cybersecurity tool.

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