New data cyber attack impacts millions in France

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  • France Travail, a jobseekers service in France, has been hit by a cyberattack affecting up to 43 million accounts.
  • No bank details were taken in the attack, but personal information such as names, social security numbers, and contact details were compromised.

In a recent cyber attack, France Travail, a jobseekers service in France, announced that up to 43 million accounts may have been compromised. The service, which was launched at the beginning of 2024 to replace Pôle Emploi, revealed that the database containing personal identification data of current and former users, as well as those with candidate spaces on francetravail.fr, had been illegally accessed. The information extracted included names, social security numbers, contact details, and more, but no passwords or bank account information were taken, reducing the risk of direct fraud. The attack occurred between February 5 and March 6, with hackers posing as members of the work counsellors group ‘Cap emploi’. An investigation has been initiated by France Travail, and the matter has been reported to authorities for further action.

This incident serves as a reminder for the public to remain vigilant against potential scams that may arise from cyber attacks. While there are no official recommendations to change passwords on the service yet, individuals should exercise caution and monitor their personal information for any signs of misuse. The attack on France Travail follows a similar cyber attack on the caisses d’Allocations familiales earlier this year, highlighting the importance of strengthening cybersecurity measures across government services.

The implications of this cyber attack extend beyond data security concerns, emphasizing the need for continuous monitoring and enhancement of cybersecurity practices to safeguard sensitive personal information in an increasingly digital age.

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