Over 500K Roku Accounts Hacked in Massive Cyberattack

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Over 500,000 Roku accounts compromised in cyberattack, likely due to password reuse. Less than 400 unauthorized purchases made, no sensitive financial information accessed. Roku initiated charge reversals, refunds, and password resets. Second breach this year highlights need for increased cybersecurity awareness.

Massive Cyberattack Compromises Over Half a Million Roku Accounts

In a major cyberattack, more than 500,000 Roku accounts were compromised by cybercriminals who exploited stolen login credentials. This breach was a result of individuals using the same passwords across multiple platforms, showing the risks of password recycling.

Roku reassured users that only a small number of accounts experienced unauthorized purchases on its services and that no sensitive financial information was accessed. The company took immediate action by initiating charge reversals, refunds, and automatic password resets for affected accounts.

This incident marked the second security breach for Roku this year, following an initial attack on 15,000 accounts. These breaches highlight the importance of increased vigilance in cybersecurity practices as the digital landscape continues to evolve.

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